Guide to Requesting New Features for Thulo Sites

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This guide will help you request new features for the Thulo Sites.


Welcome to our feature request process at Thulo Sites!

Your input is invaluable, and we want to build the platform you envision. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can submit and influence new features:

Submission Process:

  1. Initiate a Request: Begin by posting your feature request at our support portal. Be detailed to ensure clear understanding.
  2. Community Engagement: Share your request with your network—friends, family, or business associates—and encourage honest opinions and suggestions in the thread. Collect views, likes, dislikes, and comments to gauge interest.
  3. Feedback Collection: We actively gather feedback from existing customers, tech enthusiasts, and through tickets on our customer portal. Personal interactions with our sales team and insights from the Thulo Development Team also contribute to our decision-making process.
  4. Shortlisting and Selection: Over a three-month period, we assess and shortlist feature requests based on their nature, similarities, differences, and implementation complexities. We evaluate whether a feature can be generalized, integrated into existing modules, or requires a new module.
  5. Development and Testing: Once selected, we embark on the development journey. Internal testing and trials with a subset of customers follow, ensuring the feature meets our standards and enhances the user experience.
  6. Weekly Launches: We are committed to continuous development. Every week, a new feature is launched, demonstrating our dedication to evolving the Thulo Sites platform.

How You Can Contribute:

  • Submit Your Request: Start by creating a thread for your feature request here. Be descriptive to facilitate understanding.
  • Engage Your Network: Share your request and gather opinions. The more feedback, the better!
  • Stay Involved: We compare your requests with others, considering interest and suggestions from the broader community.

Your involvement drives the evolution of Thulo Sites. Thank you for being an essential part of our continuous improvement journey!

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