How to Create a Website?

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This guide will help you register an account at Thulo Sites and create your first website.


This guide will help you register an account at Thulo Sites and create your first website.  Follow the step by step instructions below. 


STEP 1: Creating an Account at Thulo Sites: You can register for free with Thulo Sites and place order for website later. To register your account at Thulo Sites, please follow the instructions below. 

  • Goto
  • Fill the information Name (enter your Your Full Name), Username (enter your preffered username, it will be used for login) Email (enter your Email Address, we will send verification link to this before your account registration is completed), Phone (enter your mobile number, we might call you regarding training, setup or verificatio of your information), Password (create a new password that you will use along with username to login to your Dashboard in Thulo Sites) and Confirm Password (type the same password you have typed earlier, this will makesure you do not make mistake while settingup login information)
  • Verify your email: After you enter all above information and click "Register" red color button, you will be asked to enter verification code. We have sent you the verification code in your email address you have provided above. Copy the code or type the code to verify your account and successfully create your account at Thulo Sites. 


STEP 2: Create a Website: After successful creation of your account at Thulo Sites, you can login to your account at: and go to "Dashboard". 

  • Click "Create a Website", link in top right.
  • Choose a Plan that suits your needs and budget.
  • Enter the temporary website url for your future url. You can connect you own domain later. 
  • Choose a Design: Here you can 
  • Select the payment option
  • Click "Pay & Create a Website Now", button, you will be redirected to payment provider site. Complete the payment process and when you return successfully after making payment, your website will be created and information will be emailed to you. 

If you encounter any issues, signing up with Thulo Sites, please write to us at: sites[@] or call us: +977-985 123 1002


Thank you!

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