How to install a WordPress site with WP Toolkit in cPanel

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This article covers how to install a WordPress site using "WP Toolkit" in cPanel.


STEP1: Log into the user's cPanel.

STEP 2: Navigate to "cPanel / Domains / WP Toolkit."

STEP 3: Click The "Install" button.

STEP 4: Choose the options you want for the "Installation path" options.

STEP 5: Enter the title of your site in the "Website title" text box.

STEP 6: Select the theme you use on your site from the "Plugin/theme set" dropdown menu.

STEP 7: Select the default website language from the "Website language" dropdown menu.

STEP 8: Select the WordPress version you would like your site to use from the "Version" dropdown menu.

NOTE:The latest WordPress version should be installed unless you need a specific feature from an older version. Older versions have known exploits that can allow an attacker to compromise your site and cPanel account.

STEP 9: Set the WordPress administrator's username in the "Username" text box.

STEP 10: Set the WordPress administrator's password in the "Password" text box.

STEP 11: Set the WordPress administrator's contact email address in the "Email" text box.

STEP 12: Click the down arrow next to "Database."

STEP 13: Set the name of the WordPress database in the "Database name" text box.

STEP 14: Set the database's table prefix in the "Database table prefix" text box.

STEP 15: Set the database username in the "Database user name" text box.

STEP 16: Set the database user's password in the "Database user password" text box.

STEP 17: Click the "Install" button.


Thats It!

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